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The Artful Etiquette of How to Review Wedding Vendors

After your wedding, it can be tempting to just bask in the glory of being married (as you should!). But etiquette isn’t over and done after you say “I do”. Giving wedding vendors reviews is part of being a great couple to work with, and many vendors would love to have your endorsement. The Knot and WeddingWire are wedding planning sites that award vendors who are top-performers in their category, so give those deserving vendors a pat on the back and help them win awards that will boost their business! Facebook is another great place to leave reviews, too.

Here’s what you need to know when reviewing your wedding vendors!


Do Write A Review Sooner Rather Than Later… But A Late Review is Better Than No Review

Take it from a wedding vendor: we don’t expect you to review us the same evening as your wedding! And honestly, if we get a review the same week as your wedding, we will be super impressed.

Sending out reviews is just like sending out thank you notes to your guests – you should shoot to get them done sooner rather than later because life happens, and you can forget.

However, any wedding vendor would take a five-star review even if it comes a year after a wedding!

For etiquette purposes, try to have your reviews all in at least two months after your wedding. If it takes you three, don’t worry – your vendors will still appreciate your remarks on their products and services!


Do Be Honest … But Don’t Be Unprofessional

So you had a few things that were less than ideal occur on your wedding day – before you assess blame on a vendor, you should really think long and hard before you post a negative review.

Before publicly airing the dirty details and venting, you may want to email the vendor directly. There could have been misunderstandings in the contract or on the day of the wedding, and they may be willing to reimburse you. They may not even be aware that you’re upset! It’s always best to be upfront and talk to the vendor directly first.

If you do leave a review that is less than stellar, try to be as professional as possible. You don’t want to come across as the one in the wrong, and keep in mind many sites allow vendors to respond to positive and negative reviews. Stick to the facts, and try to take the emotions out of it as much as possible (this is an instance of when it may be good to wait a few weeks before reviewing).


Do Email Those Vendors Directly Who Went Above and Beyond

For the vendors who really made your day extra special and went above and beyond, you should send them a thank you card or email them directly.

Nothing will put a smile on their face like knowing they helped to make your wedding day perfect! If you’re feeling extra generous when you send in your thank you card, include a $20 or $25 gift card. It’s the little things that really go a mile when thanking your vendors.

So what's your take? Leave your thoughts below on how you would deal with a not-so-great vendor, and we'll give you some advice!