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Choosing the right wedding photographer.

As a wedding planner I often meet with my clients and their prospective photographers. However, if you are planning your wedding without the knowledge of a wedding planner you may feel a bit lost. You want to make sure you hire a good wedding photographer as the pictures will be what you have to look back on and remember your day by. Here are some of the many things that should be taken into consideration:

  • Is the person you’re meeting with going to be taking the pictures? Some photographers farm out their work and you may not meet the actual photographer until your wedding day.

  • What style do they specialize in? More formal/posed or more photo-journalistic? Or a combination of both?

  • Do they use a 2nd shooter? 2nd shooters are great because then while the main photographer is capturing all the big moments the 2nd can capture some of the smaller moments you may not have noticed.

  • How do they feel about guests taking pictures while they are?

  • Have they worked at your wedding location before? If not will they check it out beforehand so they can get an idea of good photo locations?

  • What is included in the package? Does it include any albums? A disk of images? What else?

  • How many hours are included in the package? Is it unlimited? Or set at 8 hours?

  • Will they accept a list from you of specific photos you don’t want missed? Most good photographers will know the main things to photograph. But it's nice to make them a list of specific family pictures you want so that they don't miss them.

  • What will they wear? You want to make sure they're not going to stick out and have the focus on them!

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Happy planning!

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