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Creative Idea - Health Food Bar For Your Wedding

As a wedding planner here in Lancaster, PA, I am always looking for new and exciting ideas and trends for my clients. One of the big trends now is candy bars at weddings.  My masseuse, who recently got engaged, was telling me how she wanted to incorporate health food into her wedding.  That got me thinking...instead of a candy bar why not do one with healthy foods? Picture this: glass canisters of different sizes on bases at different heights.  Each one filled with a different healthy item, several different types of granola, a few trail mixes, maybe some dried fruit, and some different nuts.  Then label each jar with a decorative label so the guests know what is in them.  (Be sure to note if there are nuts in any of the items as many people are allergic to nuts.)

Another option is that you could have the guests make their own trail mix by putting individual ingredients in each jar.  One jar could be peanuts, one with raisins, one with M&Ms, and one with sunflower seeds.

As favors for the guests you could give each guest a glass favor jar.  You can personalize with your monogram or name and wedding date.  I love these from That Favor Boutique:

With a little imagination the possibilities are endless!

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