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DIY Hotel Welcome Bags to Make Your Guests Smile

hotel welcome bags

hotel welcome bags

Travel can make anyone weary, especially wedding guests who are overwhelmed with the details of the event and ensuring they arrive on time for hotel check in. Something as simple as hotel welcome bags waiting for them at their check in can make the stress of traffic or plane delays melt away. Here are a few ideas for how to create a perfect welcome bag or basket for your guests!


Although you may send out all of the information prior to the wedding on where to go and addresses, you’ll want to include all of the pertinent information needed for your wedding in the hotel welcome. Maybe a guest misplaced or forgot to bring the directions – make their life easier by providing them with the following in their hotel welcome bags:

  • Addresses as well as directions to the ceremony and reception. Include any noteworthy information (i.e. GPS doesn’t lead to correct location, etc.)

  • Shuttle Information on where to be and what time for pickups and arrivals. Also include the phone number of the shuttle in case they get left behind.

  • Itinerary of the Day so guests know where to be and at what time. If certain people are needed early for pictures, tell them in advance of their arrival and also include a note in their hotel welcome bags as a reminder.


If you’re having a lot of folks in from out of town who aren’t familiar with the area, include some of the local entertainment info so they can explore the town!

  • Addresses and information to nearby attractions, such as amusement parks, national and state parks, or historical landmarks.

  • Information on good bars and restaurants in the area.

  • Any local events or fairs taking place, such as car shows, craft fairs, or other annual events.


Make sure all guests are informed on who they can contact once they arrive if anything comes up, and that they have all of the details to make your wedding day go off without a hitch.

  • Emergency contact information (DON’T include the couple’s contact information – include the wedding planner’s phone and email or whomever your contact person is)

  • Registry information should be included, too. Some guests who are flying may want to buy your gift once they arrive if they are arriving in advance.


This is where the fun starts! Don’t limit your hotel welcome bags to just informative items. Here are some good ideas you can add in to make guests comfortable and feel appreciated!

  • Bottled water (check out these free printables to add a festive flair to your water bottles!)

  • Mints or gum

  • Local pastry item if you know guests will be arriving within 24 hours

  • Other local items (if you're in my area in Central PA we have Hershey kisses, Hanover pretzels, Wilbur Buds, and so much more!)

  • Small knickknack or souvenir from where you’re being married, especially if it’s a destination wedding

  • Small bottles of sunscreen if needed for a sunny, outdoor ceremony

  • Small first aid kit

  • Personalized bottle of champagne and orange juice for morning mimosas on the wedding day or the day after the wedding

  • Hangover helpers, like Advil or Emergen-C

  • Weather essentials (poncho if calling for rain, lip balm if super windy and cold, etc.)

  • A creative container to compile all of your goodies (reusable canvas bag, cute gift box, or some other adorable container that will reflect the theme of your wedding!)

Take the time to also write a quick thank you note to all of your guests staying for your wedding to let them know you and your soon-to-be spouse are thrilled they could make it and that you look forward to seeing them soon! Your guests will love their personalized hotel welcome bags!

Photo Credit: O'Malley Photographers