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How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding


A wedding is a magical time where family and friends from all over gather together to celebrate the love of two people. In the United States, the majority of pet owners see their furry friends as part of their family, too! If you own a pup and want to include them in your wedding, here are a few things to consider! Know Your Pup

Just like people, some dogs do better in large social gatherings than others. If your dog is scared of being around a bunch of people or in an unknown location, your wedding probably isn’t the best situation to place them in. Even if your dog has never bitten anyone before, fear can make animals do odd things!

You know your pup best. Before you make grandiose plans to include your dog in your wedding, assess them – will they be okay being around strangers? Will they panic when they go to walk down the aisle? Talk through the decision with your fiancé to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Let Guests Know What to Expect… and the Venue!

You may love dogs and everyone around you may love dogs, but there may be an odd chance a guest may not love dogs. Allergies to dander or past bad experiences with dogs can make a guest or two less than thrilled that you and your partner want to include your dog in your wedding.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have your pup there, but you should give fair warning. Include on your invitation that your wedding will include “your entire family,” including your pup! Your close family will most likely understand because they’ve been around your dog and understand how important it is. If it’s what you really want, don’t sweat anyone who tells you Fido shouldn’t be included!

Some venues will not allow you to have your pet, even if they are well-trained, so make sure to ask venue reps when you are touring!


Make Travel Plans In Advance

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ll need to do some extra legwork in order to make sure your dog can travel with you. Double check your pup is up to date on shots and has had a physical, and make sure you have all proper licenses and documentation.

If you are planning on flying, make sure to check what airline might be the best and easiest to fly with your dog before booking your flight. Amtrak is also another option!

Figure Out The Day-Of Details

So you got your pet to your wedding location… now what? A wedding coordinator can help you figure out the details! Pet-friendly hotels are a must, and more and more are accommodating pets.

You’ll also have to determine how long you’ll want your pup at your wedding and for what parts. Stylish Occasions can help you research boarding facilities in the area if needed and create an itinerary for the day.

You will also want to have a handler on site to help take care of the dog rather than putting a guest in charge of the pup.


It’s Okay If It Doesn’t Work Out… There Are Other Options!

Maybe your pup isn’t a social butterfly! That’s okay, too! There are some other ways to incorporate your furry friend into your wedding day without them actually being at the wedding. From including them in the engagement photos to “doggy bags” your guests can take home after the reception to getting a cake topper hand-crafted with the likeness of your pup, there are a bunch of ways your love for your dog can shine on your wedding day!

Are you planning on having your dog(s) in your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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