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Is The Wedding Industry Scamming You?

A few weeks ago there was a 20/20 feature about the wedding industry called "Wedding Confidential". It was advertised as being the "secrets the wedding industry doesn't want you to know". Many of us in the wedding industry watched this and were very upset by it. The show made it sound as though all wedding vendors are just after your money and that we consider brides to be ATMs (yes...they really said that in the show!). I was one of those wedding vendors that was outraged by some of the things the show said. Personally,  I don't charge an arm and a leg for my services because I really love what I do and I am blessed to be able to do it full time while also staying home with my 6 year old daughter. And I truly feel my services as a wedding planner are well worth it. As a wedding planner I save my clients money by passing on any discounts vendors offer me. I save them tons of time (and they say "time is money") by finding the perfect vendors so they don't have to weed through the dozens and dozens that can be found online. I review contracts to make sure they aren't being taken advantage of. I take care of any issues that arise so that they don't have to.

I love working with brides, grooms, and their families to help them plan their dream weddings. I love helping them find the perfect vendors, ones that won't scam them. I know a lot of wedding vendors and very, very few that I feel are only out for your money. Most are in this business because they love it.

I had planned to write a blog all about the show but then I came across one written by Lauren at Every Last Detail. Be sure to read her article on "Is The Wedding Industry Scamming You". It states how most of the wedding vendors I know (including myself) felt about the show. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a comment!

And if you've never checked out Every Last Detail you really should. They offer all sorts of tips and inspiration when planning your wedding.

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