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Avoid The Panic of Wedding Clean Up With These Tips

Wedding days are a complete whirlwind of emotions and fun. When that last dance is over, you may be heading off, but chances are, someone is staying behind for the wedding cleanup. Whether you’re hiring professionals to do the clean up or if you and family and friends are taking care of it, it’s important to know what you are responsible for. With our team’s experience, we’ve seen wedding cleanup go very smoothly if you have everything planned. Here is what you need to know about wedding cleanup!

Ask The Important Questions

As you’re touring venues, the scenery and setting has a tendency to draw couples in, but there are some big things you should cover with the venue representative.

If you ask in advance about how the venue does cleanup, you will avoid wedding day surprises. Here are a few questions you should ask your venue before you write out the check:

  • Who is responsible for table and chair breakdown?

  • Do you require us to take the trash at the end of the night if our caterer does not? Do you offer trash removal services?

  • When cleaning up the getting ready spaces/suites (if they are at the venue), do you provide cleaning supplies?

  • What is expected of us at the end of the night in terms of cleanup?

  • Are we required to have everything removed the night of the wedding or can we come back the next day to pick things up?

Keep In Mind Food and Alcohol

One thing many couples neglect to plan for is the fact your caterer will most likely pack up any leftover food for you. You’ll want to make sure you’ll have access to a refrigerator at your hotel to store your leftovers if you’re taking them with you. You'll also want to check if the caterer is supplying the containers or do you need to bring your own.

For the bar, you’ll want to ask your bartenders if they will assist in boxing up the alcohol before they leave or if that is expected of you. Even if you have to pay a bit extra to have them pack everything up and load it into a vehicle for you, it may be well worth it!

Many times, there is leftover cake or cupcakes – instead of letting these goodies go to waste, you should provide to-go boxes for guests! Chances are, they will gladly take some sweet treats home.

Décor Giveaways

Depending on whether you are going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, you’ll want to plan ahead for where your flowers will be going. Nothing is worse than seeing a couple throw away wedding flowers at the end of the night.

Keep a few back for yourself and then gift a few to family and friends as they leave during the night. If many of your guests are from out of town and unable to travel with the flowers, contact your local nursing home or Hospice care – there is a good chance they would be thrilled to take your gorgeous blooms and repurpose them to brighten someone’s day.

Be sure to check with your florist if the containers the flowers are in are rentals or are yours to keep. More often than not they are yours to keep so you can do with them what you please.

Be Sure To Have Enough Vehicles Available To Take The Items

Many people just think they will be taking home the items they originally brought to the wedding and often they don't account for the leftover alcohol, centerpieces and other flowers, gifts, extra food, and more. Most likely you will need more than one vehicle to pack everything into so be sure to designate a couple people with cars to be available at the end of the night.

Make a Packing List To Help You Out Later

The wedding fun isn’t over when you get everything home! In order to make your life easier, have everything labeled and properly packed the night of.

Whoever is packing up items should keep everything together (i.e. table numbers are all together, not scattered throughout four different boxes). You’ll easily be able to tell what you want to keep, sell, or pitch.

Our team can help you out with wedding organization to ensure your wedding cleanup goes smoothly and according to plan. Our vast network of vendors and professional expertise will guide you through the process, making it streamline and enjoyable!


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