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Wedding Day Hair


You've put a lot into planning your wedding, from the wedding dress to the wedding cake, and everything in between. As your big day approaches, you want to look perfect from head to toe. The toe part is easy - get a pedicure! Here are some tips for the head (aka - hair) part!

  • Check with your stylist to see if they specialize in wedding styles. If not, then you may want to do research on some other local stylists. Get a referral from your stylist as well as referrals from friends or your wedding planner.

  • After you find a wedding stylist have them do a trial run. Take along pictures of the style you've found that you like. A trial run is very important for several reasons. First, to make sure the stylist you chose can do the style you want. Second, the style may look good on the model in the magazine, but once you have it done on you it may not look right with your face shape or with the neckline of your dress. It's better to find this out a few weeks before the wedding rather than the morning of the wedding!



  • When you go for the trial run take several pictures with you - your first choice and then a second (and possibly even third) choice. Any good stylist should be able to tell you up front if your first choice of hairstyle will look good on your face shape or not.

  • Take your veil and accessories (earrings, necklace, etc.) along to your trial run to make sure the style works with them.

  • Take lots of pictures at the trial run so you and your stylist can remember exactly what it looked like.

  • If you're not happy with your style, tell your hair stylist as soon as possible. Don't hide it from them. It's your big day and they want you to be happy. Most likely they can do a few little tweaks and get it how you want it.

  • Whatever type of hairstyle you choose to go with, make sure you are comfortable with it.

  • After your trial run, if you can, try on your dress to make sure the whole look works!

Here are some tips for your wedding day:

  • Wear a button down or zippered top on your wedding morning when you go to get your hair and makeup done. This will be much easier than pulling a shirt off over your hair. There's nothing worse than trying to maneuver out of a small neck hole while keeping your tresses intact!

  • If you're getting an up-do, don't wash your hair that morning. Hair that is a day or two old will hold styles better. Freshly washed hair won't hold curls as well or tease as well.

  • If the rest of your look is simple, consider using a hair accessory such as a flower or sophisticated headband. This can add some high drama to your look. However, don't go overboard. If you are wearing a statement necklace or an elaborate dress, skip the hair accessory as it may draw attention away from the other piece.

Now relax and have fun during this special time! Happy planning!

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