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What Is A Day Of Wedding Coordinator?

Most people have heard of a wedding planner and have at least some idea of what they do. But have you ever heard of a Day Of Coordinator? Before I got into the business I had not heard this term before. But believe me, I wish I had! I really could have used one at my wedding! A day-of coordinator is an invaluable asset to your event.  You’ve done all of the planning up to this point and want to enjoy it.  Without her, you will end up working at your wedding! Think it's too late to hire a Day Of Coordinator? It's not! I've had people hire me even a few days before their wedding as they realize how stressed they were getting!

Here are just a few of the things a Day-Of Coordinator will do:

Be there to direct the rehearsal so that the bride and groom know what to do and when to do it, the bridesmaids and groomsmen know their duties, the parents know when to walk down the aisle, and the ushers know who to seat and where to seat them.

Confirm with all vendors the week before the wedding to make sure they know where to be and when to be there, and to confirm any outstanding balance.  The coordinator will often deliver the final payments to vendors on the wedding day.

Keep a list of all vendor contacts and phone numbers in case of emergency (for example…the cake is to be there at 1:00 and it’s 1:30 and no cake…it’s happened).

Create schedules for everyone to keep the day running smoothly and on time: –Bridesmaids: when to be at the hairdresser to get their hair/make-up done –Groomsmen: when they need to be dressed so they can have pre-ceremony pictures taken –Parents: when to be lined up at the back of the church/room –Vendors: so they know the order of the day

Create a detailed timeline of events for the day so the DJ/band know when to start the dances (first dance, Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Son dance, etc.), when to do the cake cutting, and more. She will let the DJ/band know what songs you definitely want played – and those you don’t (like the Chicken Dance).

Let the DJ/band know the order to announce the bridal party and how to pronounce all names correctly. Nobody wants to be announced at a wedding reception with a mangled pronunciation of their name!

Help pin on boutonnieres and corsages, which is an often missed detail. Minutes before the wedding everyone is running around scrambling to pin them on! The coordinator will ensure that boutonnieres and corsages go on the left lapel or wrist (because that is closest to your heart).

Keep a copy of the seating chart and assist people who can’t find their tables.

Keep a copy of the photo list to make sure that the photographer doesn’t miss any must-have pictures. And speaking of photos… she will make sure that the necessary people stick around after the ceremony to get their pictures taken. You’d be surprised how often people wander off and can’t be found for a picture!

Keep the reception running smoothly. She will make sure the DJ stays on track with the schedule of events. She will also make sure the dinner is served on time, the cake is cut at the right time, and more.

Have on hand a wedding day emergency kit containing things you would never think of (like WD40 – you’d be surprised by all it does), sewing kit (in case of rips or tears), oil blotters (for that shiny face) and much, much more!

Please note:  many couples think that since their reception venue has a wedding coordinator that they don’t need to hire one.  The venue coordinator  is a great asset to have, after all, the more people working on your wedding the better!  However, when you hire your own day-of coordinator she will work with ALL of your vendors, she will work out the timeline for the day’s events, as well as work out the logistics for what you want.  She will be at the rehearsal to direct everyone.  She’ll be your go to person for anything you need on your special day.

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