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Why All Brides Need To Hire A Professional Makeup Artist - Elegant Expressions

Makeup by Trish Solis from Elegant Xpressions

Makeup by Trish Solis from Elegant Xpressions

Today's guest blog post is from makeup artist Trish Solis from Elegant Expressions. She does makeup for all occasions including bridal, models, and more. Check out her website for more of her work. She also has some before and after shots on the site. She is based out of Lancaster, PA but will also travel to surrounding areas. As a wedding planner I always highly recommend brides get a makeup artist so that you know you will look beautiful on your big day and you will not have to stress out about it!

Why All Brides Need To Hire A Professional Makeup Artist

Planning your wedding is such an exciting time!  With so much to think about and so many things to attend to, it can easily become overwhelming.  One thing many brides don't think about is hiring a professional makeup artist. In reading the information available on the internet on makeup, you still may not be convinced you need one.  You think to yourself "I can do a fairly decent job" or "my friend can do it".  Why do I need to pay a professional artist?  Here is some food for thought on that…

First, your wedding day is one of those important days you will always remember and treasure for a lifetime, long after the wedding day is over.  On this day, you will easily appear in over 1,000 images, more than any other time in your life.  In order to look your best for all those images, you really need to be made up with makeup that can withstand the test of the weather, time, and anything else that may attack your beauty on that day.  After all, it is a special occasion like no other, and yes, you do want to look your absolute natural beautiful best.

Second, a professional makeup artist has access to equipment that is designed to make you look your best, create a look that will compliment your natural features, and enhance what you already have.   Professional makeup products are photography friendly, in a way that over the counter products are not.  Also, most professional makeup artists will travel to you. This is very convenient and means less running around and stress for you on that special day.

Thirdly, your makeup artist understands the importance of beauty products and the effect lighting plays on images. This is talent that is not had by the novice or hobbyist makeup person.  Not having a professional makeup artist on your side means risking not having your make up applied well or could lead to paying more in fees by having to get your photos retouched and losing that natural look to them.

Lastly, just like when you shop for a photographer, I am sure you take cost into consideration.  What you should be looking at is his/hers portfolio.  You will probably not be impressed if those images in the photographer’s portfolio show brides with white faces or two-tone makeup, right? Absolutely!

Avoid all these issues by calling a professional makeup artist to take care of you on your big day.  You have worked so hard to plan your wedding, let the day of be the day you sit and let a professional pamper you and make you look beautiful.

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