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Sugar Leaf Films Videographer

As a wedding planner I meet all kinds of people in the industry. Recently I met Heather Coleman from Sugar Leaf Films. Heather and her husband Ben are videographers specializing in "Wedding Videography for the Modern Bride". Check out her guest blog here...

Cheesy. Old Fashion. Uncle Bob with a camera the size of horse! These are just some of things that couples think of when they first hear the words 'wedding videography'. Wedding videography has become something so much more than those things and has really been transformed into something more like an actual Hollywood film. Simply put - don't knock it until you check it out.

I have to admit, there are some videographers who are still stuck in the 80's - videos with slow transitions, cheesy moving titles and an overall look that will make you reconsider planning a videographer as part of your wedding budget. Most of those videographers started doing videography in the actual 80s and have not had the chance to re-evaluate their work or have even considered re-evaluating their work. So if you come across one of these... don't lose hope... keep searching!

At Sugar Leaf Films, we started filming weddings during a time when wedding videography was and still is going through a major shift into something so beautiful that it makes even strangers cry. Wedding Films are so much more than just something that you place on your shelf and forget about. Wedding Films are being placed on the web in high definition for friends and family who could not make it to your wedding day can enjoy and even more so - experience!

Wedding films are more than just snap shots, they are a perfect orchestra of moving pictures, voices, music and even more so - emotion. Many couples will spend months, even years planning this one day. Furthermore, they will dump hundreds, even thousands of dollars ensuring that every detail is right. Wedding days go by in a blink of an eye and take it from someone who was once a bride myself - you will remember very little and what will you have left? Photos, memories? Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to re-live your day in a way that a faded memory can't?

So with all of that said, don't make not hiring a videographer a regret on your list - this day only comes once and you will want to share it with everyone! If you don't have the extra dough, take another look at your budget - if you really want to add a wedding film to your list of keepsakes AFTER your wedding - I'm sure there is something you can do to squeeze it in.

Thanks for reading our blog post - happy planning!

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