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Honeymoon on a Budget

Today's guest blogger is Ty Wilson from TyLand Travel. TyLand believes in a no nonsense/hassle-free approach when it comes booking event packages, getaways and cruises.  Period. A Google search for "honeymoon on a budget" results in over 67,000,000 links. But quantity has never trumped quality, why would you expect differently now?

I am the queen of budget travel, but as a "princess" I had to learn the hard way, you will get what you pay for. Dated hotel rooms, sub-par shuttle service and staff with the knowledge of a mosquito is all waiting for you if you fail to use common sense and do some homework!

I recently came across an online wedding boutique that shared some tips for the budgeting bride. I don't agree with all of them so I will now critique some of them! lol

  1. Stay in the U.S. - Great idea! Chances are you have yet to visit all 50 states anyway. Just make sure you dunno...maybe someone like...TyLand Travel for advice on where to stay.

  2. Consider traveling in the off-season. Even if that means you have to postpone your honeymoon for a month or two, you will be amazed at how much you will save if you are willing to wait. Hurricane season in the Caribbean takes place during an off-season. Make sure you do your due diligence when seeking off-season options. Your future honey will love you even more for it.

  3. Have people donate to your honeymoon as a wedding gift! depends on who the donors are. Does Auntie tote a faux designer bag because she doesn't know any better? Then she might not know that certain three-star hotels ain't even worth one star!

  4. Shopping the deals is not always the best! When you search for your honeymoon last minute you have to watch out for the lack of customer service in case things go awry. Will they be easy to contact when you find a problem with the hotel they booked you? What happens if you miss your connecting flight? You know what they say, when it rains, it pours, and the rain ponchos are never easy to locate during a wedding!

  5. Asking if anyone in your family has a timeshare they would be willing to let you use as a wedding gift isn't always the greatest idea unless you want to settle. By using a family members timeshare you are basically giving up YOUR dreams of going to YOUR ideal destination to relax and celebrate YOUR wedding and the culmination of months of YOUR money YOU saved, and YOUR hair being pulled almost completely out. Good idea. No better way to say I love YOU, but by settling for the honeymoon of someone else. Folks, timeshares aren't always available when and where you need 'em.

  6. All-inclusive resorts are definitely the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Please ask TyLand which AIs are adult-only, unless you want to dodge the kiddies all week.

  7. Don’t overlook a cruise which is a lot like an all-inclusive resort. Ask TyLand if there are groups meeting during your desired cruise, unless you don't mind celebrating with babies, loudmouths, or organizations in which members might represent something you are totally against.

  8. Just because you or your honey like the great outdoors, doesn't mean you should consider a camping honeymoon. Um...have you camped before? The honeymoon is not the time to "consider" the great outdoors.

Contact TyLand Travel to help you plan your picture-perfect honeymoon. Otherwise your wedded bliss could turn into a blundering hot mess if you don't contact your've been warned budgetnistas!

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