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Do you really need engagement photos?

A lot of the couples I talk to think they don't need to have an engagement photo session (sometimes called a Get To Know You session). Many wedding photographers include this in their package pricing. Couples think that by not getting engagement pictures done that it will save them money. While it may up front (IF the photographer will take off the cost of the engagement session), in the long run it may not be worth it.

There are several reasons the engagement session is very important. One is that your photographer will be spending the entire wedding day with you, following you around to capture those special moments. An engagement session will help you get to know them as well as allow them to get to know you. This way you can make sure your personalities mesh. You may not think that is important, but it really is when you'll be spending so much time with them.

Another reason is that by having the engagement session the photographer will learn your style and vice verse. Are you shy in front of the camera? If so it will be helpful for the photographer to find that out ahead of time so they can be prepared on finding ways to bring out your personality more on your wedding day.

Another (and possibly most important) reason for needing an engagement session is to make sure you LOVE the pictures your photographer takes. The engagement pictures will give you an idea of what the wedding pictures will look like. You will get to know the photographer's style, and can see if you like it or not. I have personally had a couple get their engagement pictures done by the photographer they booked for their wedding, and they ended up not liking them and cancelling their contract and hiring another wedding photographer. If they had not gotten their engagement session they would never have known they wouldn't like the photographers style and personality and they may have ended up very disappointed with their wedding pictures.

Of course there are other benefits to having engagement pictures such as you'll have a photo to put in the paper to announce your engagement, you'll have great pictures of the two of you, you can give them as gifts to your parents, or you can use them on your save the dates, and much more!

And why not make your engagement photos personal? If you have a pet that's close to you you can include them. Or if there's a location special to you then get the pictures taken there. Make it fun! Make it YOU!

Happy planning!

Special thanks to PhotOle Photography for the engagement photos on this blog. Check out more of his work here!

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