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Wedding Cake Centerpieces

As a wedding planner in Lancaster, PA I am always looking for creative ideas. Last year I met with fellow wedding vendor Jasmine from The Couture Cakery in the Harrisburg area to discuss "shop". She told me about a client she was doing cakes for in June. The client requested individual cakes for each table to use as centerpieces. That gave me the inspiration to write this blog.

My first thought was that this would be very expensive and would not fit into many budgets. However, after talking it out I realized this is actually a very viable option. By using cakes as centerpieces you will not need floral centerpieces. Depending on what you do with the cakes, the price may even out.

Depending on your budget there are several different ways to incorporate cakes as centerpieces. If you have a larger budget you could have a main cake and then do mini versions of this cake on each table. The bride and groom could then cut the main cake. The main cake could be small but you can showcase it by putting it on a cake stand and then on a high-top table.

Another option is to just do mini cakes on each table and not a "main" cake. The bride and groom would then cut the cake on their table.

You could put cakes of different sizes on each table to add some variety. If your reception venue is on the plain side you could have several different designs with similar color schemes. If your reception venue is more on the ornate side, you may want to stick with simple cakes.

To display the cakes you could put them on mini cake stands, on a decorative linen, or even on a charger.

You could use the centerpiece cake also as the table #. In this case instead of using the tag for a birthday wish you could make it a table #.

And one final option would to be to use cupcakes as centerpieces!

Whichever option you choose you can then either have the waiters take the cakes back to the kitchen to cut them and then serve them. Or you could provide a cake knife and server at each table and allow the guests to cut them themselves. This will also allow them to choose the slice size they want.

Using cakes as your centerpieces will definitely give your guests something to remember for a long time.

All photos in this blog are cakes or cupcakes designed by The Couture Cakery. Be sure to check out her website!