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Creating An Elegant Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Nowadays anything goes with weddings. We help couples plan anything from casual BBQ weddings all the way to black tie weddings in very formal settings. Every couple has their own vision which is what makes every wedding unique. Today we are talking about elegant weddings. When you picture your dream wedding in your mind, the only thing that could make it more timeless is if Marilyn Monroe came through the door. Having an elegant wedding has always been in style and always will be in style even though the definition of elegance changes. While large puffy sleeves and long trains were once the statement of opulence, elegant weddings now tend to be more chic, modern, but timeless when it comes to color palette and setting.

Creating your dream wedding in your mind might not be too difficult, but putting it all into action — well, that’s a different story, especially when it comes down to budget. If you’re dead set on having an extravagant event fit for Gatsby himself, then here are some things you can do to bring elegance to the forefront:

Splurge On Your Table Settings

Love the details – silver chiavari chairs, chargers, and more!

Love the details – silver chiavari chairs, chargers, and more!

Nothing will cheapen your wedding quicker than a poorly designed and decorated table. You’ll most likely need linens, and your guests will definitely need some type of tableware to eat.

Spend the extra money to at least rent floor length linens — the extra length will hide the metal table legs, and it gives a sleeker appearance. Since you already have to rent china and flatware, make sure it’s something you love because it will be covering all of the tables. Pick a pattern, or maybe go with gold flatware. Define what elegant vibes you’re going for and go for it — don’t be afraid to be bold.

Think Extras When You Think Venues

You could add a specialty linen to just your sweetheart table to add a little elegance and to really make your table stand out

You could add a specialty linen to just your sweetheart table to add a little elegance and to really make your table stand out

Comparing venues is like comparing an apple to a zebra. They’re all priced differently, and there is really no rhyme or reason behind how they do their pricing. Some will just be the bare bones of the space, no chairs, tables, or anything. Others provide some extras.

Keep your eye on the extras: do they include uplighting, chandeliers, draping, or other appealing things to make your event more elegant? Do they have standard padded chairs or do they include beautiful chiavari chairs? Chances are if you had to rent in these items at a different venue, it would be MUCH more expensive than if you just went with the venue that already has them and includes them in their price.

Also, pick a venue with good service staff. You’re paying them a premium fee, and you should have your emails and phone calls answered in a timely manner.

Go Intimate

The easiest way to trim down a budget is to avoid inviting 300 people. The rules of wedding planning starts with this one truth: it’s YOUR wedding. If you’re paying for your wedding yourself, you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite anyone.

See if you can pare down your guest list. You’ll save not only on catering and other costs which will give you a little extra to upgrade to more elegant linens or china.

Let There Be Light

A soft romantic glow can really add an elegant feel to a room. Check with venues before you book to see what their policy is on candles. Candles are an affordable way to add some elegance to your wedding.

If you can’t have candles, see if your DJ has a lighting package. Even just a few uplights will alter the appearance of the room.

Be Flexible When It Comes To Flowers

hese large bloom flowers really added some elegance to this wedding!

hese large bloom flowers really added some elegance to this wedding!

Demanding certain flowers and colors will only get you a larger floral bill. If you have certain flowers you hate, that’s fine, but keep an open mind when it comes to other types of flowers and colors. While you might swoon over peonies, they tend to be expensive, wilt easily, and might have to be imported, which means even more money you’ll have to shell out.

Ask your florist what is in season before becoming convinced you need a certain flower. Any type of flowers around will help you create that elegant wedding feel you crave!

Ask A Professional For Advice

When you contact and book with a wedding planner, they’re able to guide you through the entire planning process as a whole. At Stylish Occasions, our staff takes the time to sit down with you, envision your wedding, and create a custom budget that will make that elegant wedding come to fruition.

We’ve got a ton of other ideas for how to create your perfect elegant wedding without breaking the bank. Get in touch with us today to snag your date before someone else does!