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How to Tip Wedding Vendors Without Losing Your Mind

It shouldn’t take a secret code cracker to figure out how to tip wedding vendors, but as wedding planners, we’re used to giving out advice on this subject. While some online resources have tipping spelled out for each individual vendor, we don't think it has to be that complicated. If you want to tip your wedding vendors the right way, here is one simple thing you need to remember:

If your vendor did a great job, tip them well. If your wedding vendor failed miserably, don’t tip as much…or maybe even not at all.

See, it's not that hard!

We don't think tipping has to be like rocket science, and most wedding vendors would agree. You will want to be aware of a few things before you book with certain vendors, though:

Before you sign a contract with a vendor, you’ll want to find out if they automatically charge gratuity or not.

Here’s a list of vendors who are more likely to charge gratuity automatically than the others:

  • Hair and Makeup Stylists

  • Transportation Services

  • Caterers, Servers and Bartenders

  • Some Venues

Keep in mind: that means even if you HATE your hair or your bartenders were super slow, you’re still paying them probably at least 18 to 20% extra on top of your bill.

In our experience, most vendors like receiving a tip. Who wouldn’t want a little extra cash in their pocket, right?

But it’s also in our experience that it’s not all about the money — 95% of vendors we work with frequently pour their heart and soul into the wedding experience for their couples, and they want to know they did a phenomenal job. A heartfelt thank you, a bottle of wine, or a $20 gift card will go a long way in thanking the vendors who made your day extra special. Better yet, leave a fantastic review for them on The Knot or Wedding Wire. That helps us vendors with future potential couples!

For a surefire way to know how to tip wedding vendors, ask yourself: Who went above and beyond for our wedding?

It all comes down to who you think deserves a tip. While our staff doesn’t expect a tip, they are much appreciated, and we think most vendors feel the same way.

Did you or a friend have issues trying to understand who to tip for your wedding? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!