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Groomsmen Gifts

As a wedding planner I typically end up working with the bride through most of the wedding planning process. However, one question I often get from grooms is "what should I get my groomsmen to thank them for being in the wedding?" Everyone knows the "normal" gifts of cuff links, money clips, and flasks. Why not try something a little different? Something they haven't received before.

  • How about this personalized sports watch with a built in compass? This is like two gifts in one - a watch as well as a compass in case they get lost! (Not that men ever get lost...)

  • Are any of your groomsmen sports fans? If so get them a ticket to a favorite sporting event.

  • Does another groomsman love beer? You could get him a case of his favorite.

  • Do they have favorite restaurants or stores? If so you can get them gift certificates to those places.

  • Are any of your groomsmen into their gadgets like iPhones and iPods? Then how about some sort of charging pad for his gadgets?

There is no need to get each groomsman the same gift. Most likely they all have different personalities and interests so make the gifts personal by getting them each something that they will enjoy. They will appreciate it.

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