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Save Money on Wedding Invitations and Ceremony

Want to save money on your wedding? You can start cutting costs before you’ve booked a single vendor. Here are tips for saving money on the wedding invitations, decorations and ceremony.

Stationery: One way to save is to use an RSVP postcard instead of a full card. This will not only save on paper cost but also on mailing cost. Better yet you can use a wedding website for guests to RSVP to.

Another way to save is to include the directions to the ceremony and reception on your wedding website rather than printing an extra direction card. And if the ceremony and reception are at the same location you can skip the reception card and note “reception to follow” on the invitation. Even if they are in different locations you can note “reception to follow at The Hamilton Ballroom.”

For the envelopes, skip the lined envelope. Most people won’t even notice this little detail. And use just one envelope instead of two (traditionally people used an inner and outer envelope to protect the invitations but with the improved postal service this isn’t needed).

Also skip the bows and other embellishments on the invitations. And make sure to proof read and have multiple people proof read everything before sending to the printer in order to avoid having to reorder! This sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how often it happens!


When choosing your bouquets use larger, fuller flowers (such as hydrangeas instead of roses). The larger and fuller the flower, the less you will need. Also use more greens in the bouquets.

By using locally grown flowers this will save you money and they will also be fresher. If you’re not set on a specific flower you can allow your florist to buy at local markets. And have the florist stick to flowers that are in season.

Finally, use the same flowers at both the ceremony and reception to help save on costs.

Dress: For the groomʼs tux find a rental place that offers a free tux for the groom with the rental of tuxes for the groomsmen.

For the bride many salons have sample sales to clear room for new styles coming in. Check with local bridal salons to see if they have sales coming up.

Guest List:

By cutting down the guest list this will save money over several categories. Youʼll need less food, less favors, less centerpieces, and less invitations!

Have two lists: list A for those you must invite, and list B for those youʼd like to. As those from list A decline you can move up those from list B. Also, if you have to think a lot about whether to invite a specific person...this probably means you donʼt need to invite them!

Couples often stress about the guest list the most. They worry that people will be upset if they are not invited. Just explain to people that due to budget you are limiting the guest list to close family and friends. Or you can explain to your coworkers that since you both have large families you will be limiting the list.

Ceremony: The ceremony location is not usually a large cost but there are still ways to save on the decor. If you get married around Easter at a church most likely the church will be decorated with flowers which will save you that expense. Also, if you get married outdoors you really donʼt need to add any decor.

Part two of this blog will be coming soon with tips on saving on your reception, favors, cake, and more!

Happy planning!