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Pinterest Overload When Wedding Planning? Yes, It Happens.

The ring is on your finger, and the planning process has started! Most likely, before you even ask your already-married friends for their advice, you’ll be on Pinterest. Right at your fingertips, some of the most creative weddings and styled shoots will come to life. While it’s all exciting at first, planning that wedding via Pinterest can become overwhelming and daunting quickly, putting you at the point of Pinterest Overload. How in the world are you possibly supposed to only pick one style when everything is so beautiful? Here’s some advice to keep you from getting Pinterest Overload!

Get it Out of Your System

All of the excitement has you on cloud nine, and you just want to pin, pin, PIN! This stage is completely normal… and totally fine. Everyone goes through a bit of an obsession with pinning when they first start planning their wedding.

For the first couple of weeks, just let inspiration grab you by the mouse and keyboard. Pin as much as your little heart desires. Pin everything all in one place (don’t divide out ideas over boards – it will only make it harder to filter things out).

Take a Breather

Now that you’re coming down off of your Pinterest-craze, take a week or two and DO NOT look at Pinterest. At all. We mean it.

Blocking out time to not look at images is just as important as finding them in the first place. If you’re constantly inundating yourself with new ideas, you’ll never narrow things down. Give your brain some time to cool off after going haywire for so long. When we say take a breather, we also mean to do this WELL before your wedding. Don’t take a breather from Pinterest a month or two before. Put some space between you and Pinterest 8-12 months before your wedding, unless you’re planning in a shorter timeframe.

Declutter and Delete

After recharging your Pinterest batteries, get back to the grind and check out your board. DO NOT pin anything new. Just look at what you’ve already pinned. Otherwise, it's a downward spiral and will put you back in Pinterest Overload.

Try to look for some cohesiveness in your pins. What looks similar? What pins have the same styles? When you first start pinning, everything looks pretty, but now is the time to narrow down to a theme or an overall idea. Selecting a color palette can really help! Delete any pins you’ve changed your mind on or that don’t fit your theme.

Talk With The Professionals

Wedding professionals know what it takes to plan a wedding and make it come together in a seamless fashion. If you don’t trust the vendors you’re looking into, it’s easy: don’t book them. You have to trust the people who will make your day a success.

Having a Pinterest board is great to give your vendors an idea of what you’re shooting for, but trust their judgment. If they think something will be too expensive or isn’t a good use of your budget, they’ll let you know and you should listen. Invite your vendors to your board, but also let them suggest other ideas. All of your creative vendors will give you some great ideas Pinterest won’t even have!

Trust Your Gut

When everything looks pretty, go with your gut. Has it always been your dream to have a garden-inspired wedding? Or maybe a wedding on the family farm, full of rustic touches? Then go that route! Pick vendors who will reflect your perfect wedding day, and you’ll have a day that will surely be nothing short of amazing!

You don’t have to let Pinterest ruin your wedding if you plan wisely and avoid Pinterest Overload. A wedding planner and good decorator and/or florist can help you! Another tip - you can make a private Pinterest board to share with just your wedding planner. We have quite a few of these with our couples. That way all of your friends won't see your ideas and come the wedding day it will be more of a surprise to them.

Happy Pinning!!

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