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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

On the day of your wedding you want your ceremony to be perfect. While many couples focus on the flowers, decor and the more apparent, physical details, your ceremony will only be as good as the person running it! When it comes to selecting your officiant, we suggest you talk with any prospective ones you are considering. Get to know their personality a bit to see if they match well with you and your fiancés. Once you feel you’ve found someone with the same sense of humor and ideas as you, take some time to ask them the following questions. The answers could save you time and money in the long run.

Will you attend the rehearsal? If so, do you charge an additional fee?

Every officiant is different on whether or not they will attend your rehearsal. Often the couple is nervous about the way the rehearsal will run but seasoned wedding officiants can manage 95% of things thrown at them, even if it’s unforeseen things.

If your officiant is from farther away, they may not be able to make it to the rehearsal without charging extra. You can always have your wedding planner attend the rehearsal, too, to ease the nerves! We often run rehearsals when the officiant cannot make it! Even if they can make it, we always attend to make sure things run extra smoothly.

What time will you arrive at the venue?

Nothing is worse than worrying about wedding vendors showing up, especially the officiant!

You’ll want to make sure you know when your officiant is arriving and to also have someone check to make sure they are at the venue. Usually, officiants are onsite anywhere between an hour to half an hour before the ceremony.

When you hire the Stylish O Team, we’ll ensure your vendors are where they need to be!

We have a special song/reading/celebration we’d like to add into our ceremony. Is that possible?

The little touches are what really make a ceremony special. Make sure you check with your officiant to make sure it’s okay to add in and change things in the ceremony. It’s YOUR ceremony, so it should include exactly what you want (even if you want your pup in attendance!)

Will you help us with applying for our marriage license?

Applying for marriage license can be very confusing. Having someone who knows the ropes is always a good idea.

Do you have a "back up" officiant in your contacts in case you can’t make it to the wedding? 

Everyone gets sick. And even though it is your wedding, your officiant could catch the flu a day or two before. While wedding vendors do everything in their power to be there on the day of your wedding, sometimes, on rare occasions, it’s just not possible.

You’ll want to ask your officiant what their backup plan is in case they are unable to attend.


What is your biggest question when it comes to booking an officiant? Do you know if you want a minister? a celebrant? Have you considered a self uniting ceremony? Leave your questions below for our team!