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Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Out with the Old, in with the New

As weddings move further and further from what used to be considered traditional, couples everywhere are looking to add their own pizazz into their wedding day. However, there is something to be said for taking something what was once old and up-cycling it! In this blog post, we’ll be talking about that old adage, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and how you can incorporate fun and meaningful items into your wedding day.

The four objects can be given to you by family members or friends, or you can add them in yourself if you have something special in mind. Let’s start!

Something Old

This category is very broad, so it can seem daunting, but the easiest thing to solving what to include is to ask yourself what is meaningful to you? Whatever you choose, the goal is to represent continuity as you take this next step in your life. One beautiful addition to a bouquet is to add a broach or locket to it that belonged to a loved one. If you’re feeling super adventurous, maybe even try tailoring your mother’s wedding gown for your own wedding day!

Here is a photograph of a bride who did just that! Sheila had her mother's dress altered for her own special day! Photo by Caroline Logan Photography.

Maybe you’re not up to actually wearing the gown, but you can still incorporate it. If it’s in a box, it’s really not serving a purpose. Ask mom or grandma if you can snip a few pieces to make your garter or to sew into your dress or veil. Or even putting the dress on display in the cocktail area or reception space is a nice way to incorporate it.

Another adorable idea is to take old baby pictures of you and your fiancé to use for table numbers! Photos from one year old will be for table one and so on.

Something New

When you pick an item for your something new, it should be something that will serve a purpose on your wedding day, if not beyond. Whether it’s something as simple as a new look for your big day or a new necklace or earrings, be sure it will be something you use for hopefully years to come.

A practical and yet beautiful “something new” is custom champagne or wine glasses. You can keep them and toast with them each year of marriage!

Something Borrowed

This one is usually out of your hands, which is fun and exhilarating! To give you some ideas for what to expect, your attendants will usually loan you a handkerchief to dab away those happy tears. If one of your friends has a veil you envied at her wedding, see if she will let you use it! Something borrowed should bring you happiness.

Other ideas for something to borrow are jewelry or a beautiful clutch to complete your look. For a very creative idea, have your wedding cake made with your favorite cake recipe from your grandma or another family member (or make a beautiful pie tower)!

Something Blue

From blue flowers to painting your toenails a fresh shade of blue, there are tons of ideas out there to bring a flare to your wedding!

A blue garter is a fun way to follow the phrase. If you have a ring bearer, using a blue pillow will really make your rings pop! Blue shoes will also make a statement. If you want to give something to your groom, purchase a tie or bowtie for the wedding day, and have it stitched with a little phrase on the back as a gift. A budget friendly idea is to have your bridal party write little notes on the bottoms of your shoes in blue ink!

If you want to do something completely different from the more traditional borrowed and blue phrase, check out these cute pins! They’ll still incorporate everything, but in one day of crafting, you can have your whole borrowed and blue task accomplished. It can be pinned to your dress or bouquet!

Another idea is to have cocktails to fit the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Pick four signature cocktails that will match each category.

What ideas do you have for your wedding? We’d love to hear more!

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