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Unique Wedding Table Numbers to Wow Your Guests

Gone are the days of bland wedding table numbers. Why not have your wedding table numbers serve both an artistic and practical use? We’re going to give you some fresh ideas for wedding table numbers so you can rock your wedding in style.

Natural Numbers

Monica & Joey had a fall wedding so decided to use pumpkins as their table #s.

Monica & Joey had a fall wedding so decided to use pumpkins as their table #s.

Whether your wedding is in spring or fall, you can incorporate all sorts of natural elements. Gorgeous fall leaves can be pressed and attached to a cardboard backing. Write the table number in gold or silver on the leaf, place in a frame, and have a beautiful table number! From faux grass to succulents, you can’t go wrong with a natural-feeling tablescape.

Vintage Vibe

Vintage is all the rage, so why should your table numbers miss out on the party? Upcycle some items by painting on the number or by adding a table number on a stick into the mix of vintage items on your table.

From vintage mirrors to old books, you can really make this one custom to your wedding.

The Whimsical One

Not one for sticking with traditions? We’re with you! This adorable wedding had table numbers made from embroidery yarn, canvases and tacks. If you’re feeling crafty, you can whip these up as a DIY project.

Baby Pictures

via Hyer Images

via Hyer Images

Baby pictures… they’re precious, they’re funny, and boy do they get people talking. If you’re up to facing the (embarrassing) cuteness of putting yourself on your table numbers, it’s a creative way to guide people to their tables! For Table Number One, put a photo of you and your fiancé from when you were one year old, and so on.

Pops of Color

If you’re looking for that hint of flare, adding some color onto your table isn’t a bad idea. What’s life if you don’t take some chances, right? Spray paint will be your friend if you’re crafting yourself, but check out Etsy if you don’t have the time to DIY.


Have a love of travel? Why not incorporate that into your wedding? Our couple Ashley and Ben used maps of places they travelled as the table "numbers". The escort cards were then made to look like luggage tags! It was such a cute idea and the guests loved it!

Something to Sing About Feeling adventurous? Ditch the whole number idea and mix it up! Song lyric table numbers are perfect for including some of your favorite songs. People will love the uniqueness of this easy touch! Another cute idea if you're an English buff is to have your table numbers be named after characters, like "Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet" or "Gatsby and Daisy."

What will you try for your wedding? We'd love to hear about it!

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